winter break

My daughter is home from college on winter break for a few weeks.  It is such a joy to have her around and I cherish each and every moment we get to spend together.  I have one daughter and I have loved taking photos of her all through her growing up years, but now I have to bribe to get her to take a few minutes in front of my camera.  Often she will jump around and run with the dogs and tell me that she's helping me practice for kids and dogs who never stay still.  I beg her to stop jumping for a minute so I can focus and try to capture her gorgeous face, all the while knowing that this is helping me improve on quickly getting my settings right no matter what the activity.  Here are a few that I love, although she is looking off and probably planning her future away from my camera!  Baxter on the other hand will pose all day as long as there is a cookie on the other end.