roots and wings

My daughter is about to embark on a year-long journey to teach in Southeast Asia.  As a mom I have mixed feelings about this solo adventure, but after extensive discussions about the whys and hows I am surrounding her with loving support, encouragement and all things positive and am so proud of her kind and generous heart.  This is a time when I find myself pulling out old photos of days gone by in an attempt to finally get them printed and into archival form.  As I pour over my shoeboxes filled with photos, I remember each one and the moment I clicked the shutter.  This is one photo in particular I cherish and remember having to beg her to come down to the field with me to test out the light the day before I had a scheduled shoot.  I am forever grateful that she has given me so many cherished memories to hold onto as she goes off on her adventures filled with the knowledge that she will always have a home and family and friends who love her with all their hearts.