Baxter Memories

Baxter loved the camera.  There were days when I would see him lying there and I’d run to get my camera and ask him to wait right there and he would.  He was such a handsome boy and that is what drew me to photograph him so often.  It was also the light that would inspire me and he would either already be in it or I would ask him to come with me to where the light was best.  He would happily come with me every single time and sit and wait.  The moments were either quick or more intentional where I would have an idea and then find him and set up the shot.  He was always patient with me while I found the best angle and placement of light streaming in through the windows or through the trees if we were out in the yard.  Sometimes there was only a sliver of light and not much time, but he was such a presence in my life and such a happy boy that I couldn’t help but document our time together. We bonded over these moments and I will cherish them and especially him forever. I am currently pouring through my files downloading and editing photos. We lost Baxter way too soon at nine years old in the early days of spring, and my heart has broken in a million little pieces. This is my attempt to piece it back together and to keep his memory close to my heart.